Sorting out your lighting on a budget

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Feast your eyes on the first full length post from all of us at the human experimente. As I mentioned before, the point of this blog is to give you some options and more insight into how to decorate and design the interior of your home without spending a fortune. In this post, I’ll be discussing lighting.

People often overlook it when it comes to interior design, but lighting might just possibly be the most important factor. Poor lighting can make any room look drab no matter how good or expensive the furniture within it is. Secondly, a beautiful light fitting can completely transform a room and tie every together nicely.

People are entitled to argue with me, but in my honest opinion there is no better light than the chandelier. They are quite brilliant, and I always seem to subconsciously affiliate them with grandness and royalty. Now, the problem is that they naturally tend to be expensive, and in many cases, incredibly expensive. But fear not, that doesn’t mean we can have one for ourselves – there is a way around this conundrum. What I’m going to show you today is that you can actually make your own chandelier.

You have to understand that it won’t be made of crystal or glass, (unlike the chandelier found in this review) but they still can be made, and in some cases even with items you can find lying around the house. It would most likely take quite a long time to discuss all the different types you can create at home, so instead I will quickly discuss two that you can easily make in half a day.

The first is made from white plastic spoons. Yes, that’s right, you heard me correctly. All you need is large cylindrical water bottle, potentially even one that is as large as ten litres. You then want to gather roughly a hundred white plastic spoons. Next, you cut off their heads and throw away the stems. The next part is up to you. The aim is to glue the heads of the spoons onto the bottle, but what pattern you go for is up to you. You then slide the head of the bottle through a light fitting and attach the two. Voila, there you have it, a beautiful homemade chandelier. You can find some other interesting ideas when it comes to light fittings here.

Another one you can make, is slightly easier and quicker and still looks just as interesting. All you need is a dozen wooden coat hangers and a saw to cut these directly in half. You want to remove the hook on each of these, then glue the end of each of these all around the base of the light fitting. This is another great look and won’t cost you a dime!

Please remember, despite the prettiness of many lights, it’s important to remember that many are not particularly energy efficient. Please take a look at this lightbulb guide for more information on conserving light energy.

So get out there and begin experimenting with your chandeliers! I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing the results.

Human Experimente Home and Living blog begins

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Here at the Human Experimente our focus is home, living, and decor. We want to give you all the tools and ideas you need to transform your home from something boring and anodyne to a personal palace. Despite popular consensus and what others might tell you, transforming your home doesn’t have to be costly or incredibly time-consuming either. The important thing is to have a vision, at our aim is to help you create your vision for your home, by discussing various things you can do to spruce your house up.